Plyometrics are a fun and effective alternative to a daily strength-training workout. Plyometrics refers to jumping. Plyometric Fitness Online is committed to helping you develop the strength and power you seek through effective, safe plyometric and weight training. Plyometric training can help improve performance in a variety of sports, including basketball, volleyball, or any sport that involves the use of explosive movements. Workouts involving plyometrics include jumps and hops, such as hops on one leg or jump squats. Plyometric boxes are one of the newest and most effective tools to aid in progression with plyometrics. Plyometric Fitness Online offers the entire range of plyometric systems and accessories, including plyometric boxes, weights, cones and instruction manuals. We offer all the very best equipment for your next workout as well as FREE SHIPPING. Thank you for shopping with Plyometric Fitness Online.

Plyo Box Set 5pc. - Plyo-Safe G2 Agility Ladder (Roll Out) - Harkin Technologies
Our Price: $2,400.00
Our Price: $87.00
Plyo Box Set 5pc. - Plyo-Safe G2 Agility Ladder (Roll Out)

Design with extra large landing surfaces for durability, stability and safety, the Plyo Box Set 5pc. set is made of 100% foam core that wont breakdown or soften. The set comes with 3", 6",12", 18", and 24" boxes. Each box has 3-2" inch wide hooks and loop strips for holding together and are stackable with handles. The covering is 21 oz. knife-coated vinyl with bacterial inhibitor.

The Roll-Out Agility Ladder is designed for athletes to build on their speed, agility, and endurance. The Roll-Out Agility Ladder is easily unrolled and rolled up for a tangle-free exercise device. Made of durable material and comes in a 15' x 16" layout.
Ball Muscle Massager (HYPERSPHERE) - Hyperice Kettlebell Exercise Rack - Troy Barbell
Our Price: $150.00
Our Price: $255.00
Ball Muscle Massager Kettlebell Exercise Rack
Ball Muscle Massager (HYPERSPHERE) - Hyperice
A soft tissue massage ball with a vibrating core, The Ball Massager (HYPERSPHERE) aids in recovery with better localized massage and increases flexibiliy. The Ball Massager (HYPERSPHERE) can be used on hard-to-reach muscle pockets like the hips and shoulders. 3 adjustable speed settings and an AC charger is included.

The Kettlebell Rack - Troy Barbell comes in a polished black color and accommodates up to 200 lbs. per shelf. Store or display up to 14 kettlebells on the Kettlebell Rack - Troy Barbell.
Dimensions: 31" x 24" x 53.9"
Home Gym Free Weighted Bar (Rubber Encased) Plus Free Weights
Our Price: $4,300.00
Our Price: $96.80
Home Gym Free Weighted Bar
  • 7-station system includes: multi-press, leg/calf press, Perfect Pecâ„¢ station, lat pulldown, ab crunch, leg extension and seated row.
  • Provides health club quality strength training.
  • Two, independent 210 lb. weight stacks, each fully encompassed by a full-length, solid steel weight shroud for enhanced appearance and improved safety.
  • System can be used by up to three people at once.
  • Durable, tear-resistant DuraFirmâ„¢ pads provide guaranteed support and comfort.
  • Includes lat bar, low row bar, utility strap, workout poster and workout DVD.
  • 83"H x 91"L x 73"W.

Our Olympic Free Weighted Bar is approximately 40 lbs total weight and includes a 54" bar, 2 collars and interlocking grips. The rubber encased plates included in the Rubber Encased Olympic Weighted Bar, 2 of each of the following: 2.5lb, 5lb, and 10 lb plates. The combo and price are ideal for any Strength training as well is all Plyometic Fitness Training.
Plyometric Fitness exercises are specialized, high intensity training techniques used to develop athletic power (strength and speed). Plyometrics, also known as "jump training" or "plyos", are exercises in which muscles exert maximum force in short intervals of time, with the goal of increasing power (speed-strength).Plyometric movements use strength and elasticity of muscle tissues to increase the speed or force of muscular contraction; therefore allowing someone to jump higher, move faster, throw harder, or to further improve performance in any particular sport.

Plyometrics fitness includes explosive powerful training exercises that are trained to activate the quick response and elastic properties of the major muscles in the body. A plyometric fitness exercise consists of 2 different phases: the lengthening phase, and the stretch-shortening phase. During the lengthening phase your muscles are "loaded" (like stretching a rubber band) which is immediately followed by a shortening contraction. For example, when doing squats, going from start position to the squat position is considered the lengthening phase. The next phase, the stretch-shortening phase, is considered the plyometric contraction. This is the explosive movement of contracting your muscles. With the example of the squat, this would be considered the movement from the squat position back to the start position, in a brisk, explosive motion. The main purpose is for the muscle to generate a strong and lengthened contraction as quickly as possible.

Examples of Plyometric Exercises
Common activities such as box jumps, jumping rope, hurdle jumps, sliding, and even jumping jacks can be classified as plyometric exercise. Regular participation in a plyometric training along with Strength training programs may help to strengthen bone and facilitate weight control . For most athletes the goal of Plyometric fitness is agility and speed improvement as well as muscle gains to increase their abilities as an athlete.

Safety of Plyometrics
plyometric training is a safe, beneficial and fun activity provided that the program is properly designed and supervised.